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Welcome to 2012

So as the countdown for the end of the world continues I am sitting here at work thinking of places to go on vacation next year. I figure that things will be really cheap if the world is destroyed thus also destroying all the world’s economies at the same time so tourism will play a big part in the recovery after the zombies show up and eat what is left of the rest of us. If I am wrong then happy New Year and I hope you have a great 2012.

I kind of stopped wearing my Bluetooth headset lately, not because it isn’t cool anymore just because I got married and no one ever calls me. No one I really want to talk to anyway. I can now make the excuse, “Oh, I am driving so I can’t talk” or “oh, I am at home doing nothing so I can’t talk”. That last one usually works but sometimes I get follow-up calls asking me what I meant that by that and if I was joking. “I might be joking but I still do not want to talk to you.”

Back to the zombies. If zombies really do take over the world after 2012, would you want to be a zombie who can basically life forever (unless there is a zombie hunter around), or be one of the 17 people left that gets cut down to 9 after the first season, but then magically finds more people in season 3? Yes people, real life is like TV. Speaking of made up stuff, who don’t vampires ever hunt zombies? Can we have a vampire/zombie mix? Something to think about. So go and think and it.


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