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Sunburn on my head

I just got back from a very short 3 day vacation in the Bahamas. It should have been 4 but a freak snow storm kept me stuck in Toronto an extra day. I went to an all inclusive resort. The weather was crappy but the sun was strong enough to burn my still shaved head from my failed Halloween costume where I shaved my head and beard so that I can look like a trucker. Not sure why I had to shave my head and why my hair didn’t grow back. Either way, I am going bald and my head looks like one huge rash. People stare, oh do they stare. I also did Movember. I pretty much look like a jerk but no one bothers to ask if it was for Movember. They just think it is me doing stomething silly again. To make things worse, most of the jerks in my office have the same trucker stash. Way to be unique computer nerds. I am still tired from my flight back home so I am going to go take a nap in the bathroom until it is time to go home (I am at work). Laterz.

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