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So they want to get rid of Ronald

McDonald’s does not control what we eat. Sure they make tasty somewhat unhealthy food and offer us choices of other food that we may perceive as a healthier option, but in the end it comes down to choice. We have the choice to eat there, we have the choice to order a salad instead of the fries (with or without the fatty salad dressing), and we have the choice of getting water instead of pop. We all know that eating bad it usually the cheaper and easier option and McDonald’s is just filling a hole with a product that we all know and love. People can argue this but the point I am trying to make is that instead of blaming a corporation for people being unrealistic, people should step up and make the right choice for them.

Ronald McDonald has never made me think, “oh man, I need to go get a cheeseburger and fries”. If anything, you can blame the marketing department for giving away great toys in the happy meals. I have gone to McDonald’s and bought $128 dollars worth of happy meals just to complete my beanie babies’ collection. This past weekend I picked up two happy meals just to get the batman toys and when they gave me something for a different collection I demanded that they give me the batman toys that they had on display. Once I had them, it made my cheeseburger and nuggets meals all the more better.

While we are at it, let’s get of guns because they kill people, let’s not travel because planes and car crash, get rid of violent video games because they cause kids to bicker while playing, and let’s get rid of people that tell our kids what to think, act, and eat, because as we all know that has nothing to do with the parents.

To sum up this almost pointless rant. Parents need to stay away from things that make them sick or unhealthy instead of paying for it and trying to get someone else to solve their problems. If Rotten Ronnie’s was to get rid of the food that made them the junk food empire that they are today and given the financial troubles that they are going through they just might go out of business and have someone else take their place. So instead of getting rid of your Big Mac with its whopping 21.5 grams of fat, we will be looking to change our health care plan to cover the heart attacks we are going to get after eating all those greasy Baconators with a staggering 60g of fat.

Pick your poison, keep the mascot.

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