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I hate skinny jeans

What is it with skinny jeans? It is bad enough that girls wear them but guys also wear them. Did I miss the memo where it said it was ok to wear skinny jeans? Back in my day (old man speech) the thing was baggy pants. We wore them to rebel against our parents and to look cool. We didn’t invent the baggy pants; we just copied what we saw on TV. Are kids rebelling against us now by wearing skinny jeans? I did not see the trend growing on TV. Maybe I was watching the wrong shows. Maybe I will notice the trend on the shows that I watch on Netflix. They are starting to get a lot more content from 2008 and newer.

I have only seen about three girls that look good in skinny jeans, and that was back before they were popular. It wasn’t because they jeans made them look good, it was because the girls were hot and can look good in a garbage bag covered in dirt.

I guess this is a sign of me goring old. I hate skinny jeans, most of the new music sucks, I don’t hang out at the mall anymore, and young people annoy me. Yeah, I am totally getting old. Maybe I should go out and get a pair of skinny jeans and show off my butt crack.

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