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Boobies make the world a better place

I was just telling my BFF that if I could get access to a new pair of boobies every year on my birthday, that it would end war on earth. So to defend my awesome idea, let me explain.

If everyone was allowed free access to a new set of boobs each year, then they would be thinking of that great day and not going out to fight all the time. They get to pick the girl out from a boobie grab magazine. They will be nice to the girls and if they are bad then they get that privilege taken away for that year. A panel of judges will be created to judge each case or good and bad, feel or no feel. This will create 1.2 million jobs in North America alone. This will stimulate the economy (among other things). So everyone will be happy, have money in their pockets and just nicer to everyone. For the girls that do not want to touch other girls boobies, they will get a new purse. Similar result.

There you have it. A better world, with a better economy.

You are welcome world.

1 comment to Boobies make the world a better place

  • What if I wanted to fight to touch new boobies on my birthday and at xmas? Why not make it a weekly thing? I dunno, once a year, I could be bad like 51 weeks of the year and only be good for the one week. If it was weekly I’d have more incentive to be good and not fight.

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