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First year anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary. Paper is the traditional gift for the first year so tonight at supper I am going to give my wife divorce papers. Let’s see if she can take a joke.

The perfect Christmas gift

The perfect Christmas gift

Men, are you having problems finding the perfect Christmas gift this year? Well look no further than here! Click on the link for some of the best douche bags around. Your women will thank you, some men will too.

You are welcome!


Random though

I need to find out a way to sleep with a manager here so I can get a promotion. She works in a different department, so that might be harder to pull off.


I was bored at work so I thought it would waste some time creating ASCII art but I got even more bored doing it myself so I googled it and found this website that will do it for me.

Using this webstie I created me and a donkey. […]

Workplace hot

I was on the way to the can today when I saw an older manager milf at work. It made me think about the quality of the girls work while I was using the urinal. Saldy, there really isn’t that many hot girls in the IT world, at least not in the companies that […]

Work Christmas party

Tonight is the Christmas party for work. They want to charge me $25 to take a guest. So instead I am going to a free party on teh golf course. I may not know anyone there but it is free and the bonus is that if I make an ass of myself no one knows […]