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DOAD – Quickie

A girl asked me on the bus the other day “Can we pretend that Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?” I said no and switched seats.

When is a sink only a sink?

Why is it that if I go to a public washroom and all the stalls and urinals are used up that is it frowned upon to take a leak in the sink. The sink is cleaner than the toilets. This is unfair and I do not think that I should be asked to leave the […]

Reality DB

Why would you give Steve Slater his own reality show? What did this douche ever do to deserve his own show? You know who should get their own show? That Urkle guy from Family Matters. What has he been doing lately? I am interested in knowhing and Wiki isn’t giving me the information I am […]

I play for money

Dear Diary,

I started to learn how to play the ukulele last weekend. I can play 5 songs now so I figured that entitles me to go beg for money on the street. I took the day off work to play down on George Street. I made $1.25 and got a coupon for free cover […]