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I R the King at Borderlands

This weekend I was doing big boy stuff in my new house. Changing light bulbs, putting together the new king size bed I just got. Playing Borderlands on the PS3 with my new Bluetooth headset while drinking energy drinks to keep the party going while all night long. Do any of you douchebags out there […]

Hate the Game, don’t hate the player.

I think it is funny how people would rather harm a person who supports a legal industry such as the seal hunt than the animals that are used for food, clothes, medical products and more.

If you agree of disagree with something, you have every right to voice your opinion about the topic, but […]

Help for Haiti

Over the last few days I have been thinking about the Haiti situation. I am all for helping them out but I might be the only one looking at this from a different angle. So far various organizations have raised million for the Haiti victims and to rebuild. Canada alone is going to match up […]

Last day living like a king

It is my last night in Equador. 25 days of doing what I want, Eating like a king, and checking out the local um.. customs…

Going back home will be good but I like getting a full meal for $1.50, taking a 30 minute cab ride for $5 or taking a 4 hour bus ride […]