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Hello From Equador

I found an internet cafe so I figured I would post something. Prices here are a fraction of what they are at home. You can pay anyone $10 to do just about anything. I can order two meals and throw one of them on the ground next to a homeless person, laugh and walk away. […]

Going on Vacation

Hey everyone. I am going on Vacation tomorrow and I just wanted to let you all know that I won’t be posting until I get back on Jan 11th. So for now, check out my old posts, email me if you are bored and keep rocking the crackberry and drinking red bull.

Peace out […]

2 weeks until Christmas!!!

My BFF just told me that Christmas is 2 weeks away. Since I am going to be on Vacation and out of the country I don’t really care about it this year. However, I am sad about missing my company Christmas Party. I love Christmas parties about as much as Tiger Woods loves skank whores. […]


Boobies make the world a better place

I was just telling my BFF that if I could get access to a new pair of boobies every year on my birthday, that it would end war on earth. So to defend my awesome idea, let me explain.

If everyone was allowed free access to a new set of boobs each year, then they […]

Snow is a douche

It took me 2 hours to get to work today because of the snow. My car won’t start. I need a snowblower. You suck snow.

Friday in the douche

Well it is finally Friday here in BA land. I actually had a good day today. The weekend is very near and the parties are being scheduled in my doucheberry pre.

Last night I was in class, rocking out with my paint on, just thinking about how great it was to be me. But […]

Tiger Woods and TMZ

I don’t care that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. Who cares. Leave the man alone. He is still awesome, he still gets people to watch his games and buy his crap. He is a billion dollar douchebag. Good for you Tiger. If I had your kind of money I would be killing hookers all […]

Thursday at Starbucks

Just sitting here at Starbucks sipping on a frappuccino while using the free wifi here. This place is crawling with ladies today. So far I got two numbers. I am not going to call them, just seeing how many girls will give me their number today. I love being me. Reading the daily blogs and […]

Douching with the Stars – DB_Comic Wednesday

Douching with the stars