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Friday Doucheday

It is finally Friday. This week I have been called a Douche or a Douchebag by 5 different people. I even had one person quote one of my DB_Comics so for that I thank you.

I hope everyone had a great Doucheday and an even better Weekend.

Douchebag picture of the day:


DB_Comic Wednesday – “MySpace Douche”

MySpace Douche

Birthday sickness

I was sick today so I slept in. It just happens to be my girlfriend’s birthday. She made me Green tea and brought me water when I needed it. I bought her a Michael Buble CD. She seems to like it. Thank you Michael Buble. I am going back to bed now.

Michael Buble


Double douchebag

Today in random conversations within 10 minutes of each other I have been called a Terrible Douchebag and someone else called me a typical douchebag. Just because I forgot my Girlfriends Birthday and I made plans to hang out with another girl. Oh wait, maybe that does. I will have to check the Douchebag guide […]

Daily thoughts

Does anyone like Tila Tequila as much as i do? I loved her shot at love series and her pics on the interwebs. There is just something about her. If you could watch a sex tape between two celebs, who would you pick? email at

There is a big party coming up this weekend. […]

DB_Comic Wednesday

DB_Comic # 3. The Gift

Looks like someone has a case of the Monday’s

Yes it is true. I have a case of the Monday’s. The start of a new work week usually always gets to me. I have to talk to people about how their weekend was after they find out how awesome mine has been and theirs is never as good as mine. I have to be […]

How do reduce your carbon doucheprint

I have been thinking about ways to reduce your carbon footprint. I made a list of simple things that you can do.

1. Switch from hair spray to Gel. 2. Recycle your Red Bull and energy drink cans and bottles. 3. Take the Bus to the Mall instead of asking your best friend to take […]

We Are Douchebags.

Friday the 13th < Saturday the 14th

Everyone is always worried about Friday the 13th. But no one seems to be talking about the real hero here. Saturday the 14th. Saturday the 14th has to clean up the mess left behind from Friday the 13th. Do you think that is right? I sir do not. Saturday the 14th demands to be a […]