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Have you seen any Zombies tonight? I gave out candy for people that dressed up in real costumes this year, I dressed up as H1N1 dude. Last night was the real Halloween Party. This post is lame. Going out now. Laterz

Vampire Survey

I just asked someone three questions. I asked them in order and waiting for a response before I asked the second one. Here are the results.

Q1: what do you think if a 40 year old that dates a 17 year old? A1: oh my .. i don’t think it should happen why …

Q2: […]

Fan Mail – Douchebag at the gym

Someone just emailed me that so I thought I would share it.

oh man, this guy at the gym was yelling over to his friend “are you going to the party at the kinsmen club? that’s gonna be off the shizzle!” and I rolled my eyes and mouthed “douchebag”

If you have any comments, pics […]

Vampire Diaries

Does anyone else watch the Vampire Diaries? I wanted to hate this show but the DB in me really likes it. There is this one douche vampire that wants to kill all humans (+1) and then his lame brother who is like 400 or something wants to nail 17 year old hot chicks. Both of […]

What is Douchebag

Check out this link to find out a different words and what they mean. Douchebag is « The Daley Gator13 Sep 2009. Douchebag is « The Daley Gator8 Oct 2009. Douchebag is no longer an insult. Douchebag is a person that. Douchebag is Okay. Douchebag is clearly over compensating for his lack of intelligence and […]

Anatomy of a Douchebag: How To Get a Girl To Go Out With You

Check out this Youtube video.

Find out your Douchebag name

I just found this site. It will let you know what your what your douchebag name is.

You are asked to enter first and last name, Sex and Age. Based on that they will create a Douchebag name for you. It is similar to the stripper name generator, but for douchebags.


– […]

Tags Boutique

I just dropped off the girlfriend at the Airport, she has this important douchebag job where she gets to travel all the time, get talked about on the radio and TV and meet important people that I have never heard of, Good for you sweetie.

I am here reading about Tags Boutique for some reason. […]

Fan mail?

Hey everyone, Email me at Your emails my make it on the website, so be nice and please no spam. Jerk.

Follow me on Twitter

I finally created a Twitter account. You can follow me @DoaDouchebag