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Birthday Gift

I have been dating this girl for a while now, he birthday was coming up and I kind of forgot it. After her birthday meal with her parents she started getting on my case about not giving her a gift. I started to over react to pretend that I didn’t forget and then started a […]

DOAD – Getting out of stuff Part 2 of 5

Warning! Do not try anything I say or do at home (or anywhere for that matter).

Over the last few years I have realized a great way to get out of doing stupid stuff for your friends. Here is part 2 in a list of a douchebags top 5 ways to get out of doing […]

Gold Medal

I was thinking to myself as I was doing my morning routine and looking at all the medals that I have won over the years. Most people just win a medal, wear it for a few hours that day and then put it on display in their house or parents cabin. Why? You won that […]

DOAD – Getting out of stuff Part 1 of 5

Are you tired of people always asking you to do stupid stuff for them? “Oh you work with computers, can you please come help me get my internet working and then have a look at my tv?” um. no!

Over the last few years I have realized a few ways to get out of doing […]

Weekend get-a-way

It was the long weekend so the girlfriend and I loaded up the car and went out west. On this trip I realized something very important. How to get free stuff from people. It is pretty simple actually. First you need someone to want you to do something with them, for example go on a […]

DOAD – Costume Party

I was invited to a party at my friends place. I was excited about going to this party for a few weeks now. My girlfriend found out about it the night before and nagged me until I told her she should come. I told her it was a costume party and the theme was the […]

DOAD – Morning Meeting.

I woke up today with the sound of my blackberry alarm going off. I grabbed a quick bath, checked my facebook and PoF messages. Styled my hair with my new product that I got from First Choice. Put on my wife beater, joe boxers, and I picked up my old jeans off the floor. After […]

Worst Music Video of 2009

Only the mind of a douchebag could come up with something this bad. Check it out.

Douchebag Anthem

The Douchebag Anthem. Everyone should have a look at this video.

Hello world!

Welcome to my little piece of the internet. A place for douchebags to come and just read about the life of other douchebags.

Whenever I get around to it i will post different thoughts, videos, educational tidbits, and pretty much anything else I want to share with you.