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Top 5 Douchebag things of the week

1. A homeless guy asked if I had any spare change and I said yes and walked away. 2. I was at a restaurant for supper and I left a $3.18 tip by personal check. 3. I opened up a bank account to get a free bag of cookies and closed the account the next […]

The Douchebag Diet

I recently joined a weight loss challenge at work. Everyone is on some type of diet that ranges from no carbs, low fat, counting calories, etc. After my first week I am down 7.5 lbs. People keep asking me what my diet plan is. Up to this point I just made fun of everyone else […]

How do reduce your carbon doucheprint

I have been thinking about ways to reduce your carbon footprint. I made a list of simple things that you can do.

1. Switch from hair spray to Gel. 2. Recycle your Red Bull and energy drink cans and bottles. 3. Take the Bus to the Mall instead of asking your best friend to take […]

DOAD – Getting out of stuff Part 5 of 5

Over the last few years I have realized a great way to get out of doing stupid stuff for your friends. Here is part 5 in a list of my top 5 ways to get out of doing things that you don’t want to do.

5. You are too busy – If people are asking […]

What is Douchebag

Check out this link to find out a different words and what they mean. Douchebag is « The Daley Gator13 Sep 2009. Douchebag is « The Daley Gator8 Oct 2009. Douchebag is no longer an insult. Douchebag is a person that. Douchebag is Okay. Douchebag is clearly over compensating for his lack of intelligence and […]

Tags Boutique

I just dropped off the girlfriend at the Airport, she has this important douchebag job where she gets to travel all the time, get talked about on the radio and TV and meet important people that I have never heard of, Good for you sweetie.

I am here reading about Tags Boutique for some reason. […]

DOAD – Getting out of stuff Part 1 of 5

Are you tired of people always asking you to do stupid stuff for them? “Oh you work with computers, can you please come help me get my internet working and then have a look at my tv?” um. no!

Over the last few years I have realized a few ways to get out of doing […]