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Douchebag 24/7

Today is July 24th. I got married for the second time two years ago today. The next time I plan to get married in Vagas and the time after that in space. Can you imagine how out of this world a space reception would be? Crazy bones.

Happy Anniversary sweetie.

Sometimes false advertising is a good thing

I am sitting here at work eating my Gluten free pudding admiring the great design that Belsoy used for the lid when I noticed in large bold letters TASTE – GOUT. I was shocked because I totally didn’t taste any gout at all. I am not even sure I know what gout taste like. Maybe […]

Welcome to 2012

So as the countdown for the end of the world continues I am sitting here at work thinking of places to go on vacation next year. I figure that things will be really cheap if the world is destroyed thus also destroying all the world’s economies at the same time so tourism will play a […]

Sunburn on my head

I just got back from a very short 3 day vacation in the Bahamas. It should have been 4 but a freak snow storm kept me stuck in Toronto an extra day. I went to an all inclusive resort. The weather was crappy but the sun was strong enough to burn my still shaved head […]

So they want to get rid of Ronald

McDonald’s does not control what we eat. Sure they make tasty somewhat unhealthy food and offer us choices of other food that we may perceive as a healthier option, but in the end it comes down to choice. We have the choice to eat there, we have the choice to order a salad instead of […]

I hate skinny jeans

What is it with skinny jeans? It is bad enough that girls wear them but guys also wear them. Did I miss the memo where it said it was ok to wear skinny jeans? Back in my day (old man speech) the thing was baggy pants. We wore them to rebel against our parents and […]

Hello Mr. Ed

Today I started calling people by made up old TV show names. Mostly it was at random. Some fit the description like when I called Mark “Mr. Ed” cause he kind of looks like a horse, and others do not like when I called Jessica “Mr. Ed”. I can’t say that I was the most […]

Friday douche

I am bored at work again on a Friday. Friday is the only day of the week where my entire office does nothing but talk and eat cake. I actually try to work but with everyone else pipping off I can’t actually get anything done. So instead I get to hang out and get paid […]

First year anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary. Paper is the traditional gift for the first year so tonight at supper I am going to give my wife divorce papers. Let’s see if she can take a joke.

The perfect Christmas gift

The perfect Christmas gift

Men, are you having problems finding the perfect Christmas gift this year? Well look no further than here! Click on the link for some of the best douche bags around. Your women will thank you, some men will too.

You are welcome!